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Corey J

My radio career started over 15 years ago, right here at Powell Broadcasting and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve made my rounds to all our stations, having served as a DJ, producer, commercial writer, website guy, and even salesman. I’ve produced a few local talk shows, high school games, sports shows, X’s baseball, Bombers basketball (remember them?), Musketeer hockey, and even Imus In The Morning when he was on KOOL back in the day.
Outside of work, I’m a Dad, drummer, song writer, producer, mobile DJ, sports PA announcer, as well as a hockey Dad, player, and coach. You can find me at all the Musketeer home games. Besides Musketeer hockey, I love Jr. Musketeer hockey, Metros hockey, Hawkeye hockey (yes Iowa has a hockey team), North Dakota hockey, St. Louis Blues hockey, and Sioux City Viper’s hockey. Yes I love hockey!
I also love music and that is why I’m in this business. Growing up my Dad had a huge record collection of all the classic KOOL artists and I would dig them out and listen for hours. That’s how I grew to love classic rock and playing those hits for you on KOOL. I studied music in school and even took a few courses in rock, blues, and jazz history. I have played drums for over 35 years in many local bands and even have recorded a few CD’s. I’ve performed with many famous acts, including the Ozark Mountain Dare Devils, Les Dudek, and Canned Heat, just to name a few. I am a strong supporter of live music in Siouxland and if I’m not at the ice rink, then I’m at a local venue either playing drums in my band or listening to some other local bands.
I like stupid comedy movies, self help books, drum magazines, live CD’s and concert DVDs. Oh and my favorite kind of music? All of it! Thanks for tuning in.

Scott McKenzie

Born and raised near Dayton, Ohio (Go Buckeyes!)

TV: HBO Bill Mahar, Boardwalk Empire, The Newsroom, The Big Bang Theory and The West Wing reruns.

Last Movie: Netflix ROCKS!

On my MP3 player: Bob Seger, Beatles, Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, MedCast Abstracts, SFF samples

Pets: Roscoe and Howie the cats... Could easily spend remaining years in college... professional certifications/licenses from computers to medicine... free time spent organizing music collection (up and over 235,000 titles... so far!)

Twitter @Scott_McKenzie_

Rita Bettin

I have been a veteran in this radio market for 20+ years in both programming and sales. I have participated in numerous non-profit events over the years and love being involved with the public. I have had the great pleasure to have met so many wonderful people thru those years! There is never a dull moment working mornings with Big Daddy!!!!

I love playing with my grandkids and getting together with family and friends!! Having drinks with my girlfriend on Thursday! We call it “Thirsty Thursday!!” 

I love having lazy days on the couch with a blanket and watching movies.

I have 3 grown daughters with families and LOVE being a Gramma!!!!


Big Daddy

Big Daddy signed on April 1, 2004 on KOOL 99.5. I settled in for a five year run and had a Weekend Magazine Radio Personality of the Year Award. In January of 2009, Big Daddy moved to Houston, TX and worked with Cumulus Media Partners until I returned to Sioux City in June of 2011…just in time for the biggest flood in 500-years. Good timing Big Daddy.

I love KOOL 99.5. The music is to my liking, the listeners are second to none, and Sioux City is a great place to live. Here is some personal info on me…

Favorite Movie: Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds. Always a Christmas Classic at the Big Daddy house.
Favorite Music Artists: Rush, Clapton, James McMurtry, Tab Benoit, Aerosmith, AC/DC…and Diana Krall when I’m feeling frisky.
Educational Background: B.A. in Advertising / Public Relations from the University of North Dakota. I’m also a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (CRMC) from the Radio Advertising Bureau. And look at what all that education got me. I’m such an over-achiever.
Family: My wife Jan keeps me in line. She’s about the only one who can. I have three children…Chelsea at Florida State, Haley at the University of Central Florida, and Donnie is a senior in high school in Fort Myers, FL.
Favorite Quote: “If you don’t think every day is a great day…try missing one of ‘em.”

RECON for JOHN: "Half Of My Heart" - John Mayer


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