Classic Rock News

Metallica To Get To Work On New Album

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett tells Guitar World magazine that the band will be buckling down in September to get to work on the follow-up to 2008's Death Magnetic. "We totally want to make an album," Hammett said. "But...we have families now. It's gonna be summertime soon and it's hard to work [then] because the kids are out of school." He also said that the band has "a backlog of riffs in the riff bank. Now it's about picking riffs out, putting them together and moving along. Later, we'll revisit it all and see where it goes." Hammett also laid out a timetable for the band to get to work on the new album, "September is gonna be the time when we buckle down," he said. "I know I told everyone it was gonna be last January…but that's just the way it goes!"

Jimmy Page Working On New Music

Now that Jimmy Page has finished his work on putting together the deluxe Led Zeppelin reissues (The first three albums will be released on June 3rd) he is now shifting his focus to new material. "I've got lots of material I've written on acoustic guitar," Page said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "Lots and lots. And right now I need to get myself up to speed, and that won't take too long. "But I don't know what musicians I'd play with. I do have material and a passion for it. I need to work towards it, and now I can without all the other side issues going on."

Doug Aldrich Leaves Whitesnake

Doug Aldrich has announced that he has parted ways with Whitesnake after playing with the band for over a decade and the guitarist also dispelled rumors that he left the group to launch his own solo career. Aldrich issued the following message to fans, "Thanks to my big bro David (Coverdale) for such a killer run together!! So many songs, tours, projects, always inspiring and pushing each other! "Mostly I was to thank the loyal WS Choir and fans around the world. You have been so amazing to me and it's been an honor to play for you with WS. I love you guys and I'll see you all again. Thank you so very much for your unending support. "Also, not sure how or where the info started about a solo career but this is not true or correct information. I have no plans at this time to go solo. I'm just not in the Whitesnake/David Coverdale band anymore. "I'll let you guys know what I'm doing ASAP but for now please know I very much appreciate your support and will hopefully do a statement with my brutal brother DC shortly. "Big love for the Aldrich clan."

Chuck Berry To Receive Polar Music Prize

(Gibson) Gibson-toting rock'n'roll legend Chuck Berry is one of two recipients chosen for 2014's Polar Music Prize. The other is US opera and theatre director Peter Sellers. The Polar Music Prize award was founded in Sweden by the late Stig Anderson, who was the manager and publisher for Abba. It was created to "break down musical boundaries by bringing together people from all the different worlds of music." The Polar Music Prize will be awarded to Berry on August 26. The first Polar Music Prize Laureate was Sir Paul McCartney, who said on receiving the Polar Music Prize: "The difference with this one for me is that I've presumably been chosen from everyone in the world. You can't knock that, that's a high honour. They could have chosen all sorts of other people, I can think of a few people who you could choose for a music honour like this. When it's this big and this special, it's a great honour." Joni Mitchell, Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Simon, B.B. King, Renee Fleming, Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharach, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Ray Charles and Quincy Jones have also won the award. Berry is now 87, but still touring - he's recently played shows in Russia. The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards has said of the 87-year-old: "I lifted every lick he ever played - this is the gentleman who started it all." The citation for Berry said: "The Polar Music Prize 2014 is awarded to Chuck Berry from St Louis, USA. The parameters of rock music were set one day in May 1955, when Chuck Berry recorded his debut single "Maybellene." Chuck Berry was the rock'n'roll pioneer who turned the electric guitar into the main instrument of rock music. Every riff and solo played by rock guitarists over the last 60 years contains DNA that can be traced right back to Chuck Berry. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and a million other groups began to learn their craft by playing Chuck Berry songs. "Chuck Berry is also a superb songwriter. In the course of three minutes he conjures up an image of the everyday life and dreams of a teenager, often with the focus on cars. Chuck Berry, born in 1926, was the first to drive up onto the highway and announce that we are born to run."

King Crimson To Release Fabled Blue Tapes

(Classic Rock) King Crimson are gearing up to release the fabled Blue Tapes recordings from the Starless And The Bible Black era. The recordings were made during performances given by Robert Fripp, John Wetton, Bill Bruford and David Cross in 1973 and 1974. They're to be included in a multi-disc box set entitled Starless, which continues a series of extensive live collection released by Fripp's DGM Live label. But the contents have not been finalized - and Crimson staff are keen to hear from fans who might have pictures, tapes or memories from the era. They say: "DGM is pleased to confirm that an October release date has been set for Starless, a multi-disc CD/DVD-A/Blu-Ray boxed set featuring live and studio recordings from October 1973 to April 1974. "This set will feature the first complete release of the Blue Tapes - the highest quality reel-to-reel direct to stereo/soundboard live recordings, with many appearing on CD for the first time."

Billy Corgan Excited About Tommy Lee On Smashing Pumpkins Album

(hennemusic) Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan is raving about his experience in the studio with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who is set to appear on the band's work-in-progress new album, "Monuments To An Elegy." The news broke this past week when Corgan posted a photo of the pair in the studio, and now he has released a statement about the sessions and how Lee became involved in the project. "The notion to reach out to T Lee came from The Shredder [Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder] , who in hearing me say 'we really need to get someone like Tommy to play on this song' said, "well, why don't we reach out to him?" posted Corgan. "And let me tell you something: I've had the fortune of being in the room with some of the all-time greats, and when you're that close to someone who is the best at what they do you gain insight into the way they are able to communicate to so many. Let's call it a universal language (which music is, obviously), and in applying it with heart/soul they present intangibles that give dimension and depth to a composition which otherwise would not be as kaleidoscopic." "So on flying out a few weeks ago," Corgan continued, "I presented T Lee with the idea, played him all the songs that I'd worked hard to finish, and discussed the way we'd be most comfortable finding common ground in the studio. Which explains the rush to prepare the arrangements for him to drum on, and also our keeping the work under wraps; so that nothing and nobody could influence the process." "I'm also happy to report that not only did we have a blast, but the 9 'MONUMENTS' songs sound epic in a way that is indescribable," added Corgan. "I guess I could toss off hyperbole after pronoun, but it would sell short what I like to call 'Supersonic Pumpkins'; which is a descriptor in itself. Tommy hits the drums in a crushing manner, but as many fans know this is not without nuance or reaction; as he has a fantastic ear for music and plays with the songs in a means that only enhances excitement. The only other place I've heard this phenomena is with John Bonham of Led Zeppelin: where heavy drums can sound soft and expressive. Good company indeed!"

Neil Young and Jack White Appearing On Tonight Show

(hennemusic) Neil Young and Jack White are set to guest on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, May 12. The pair will be on hand to discuss Neil's new album, "A Letter Home", which is distributed by White's Third Man Records; Young is also expected to perform as the night's musical guest. The project features covers of songs by Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot and more. While the original vinyl release was made available as part of Record Store Day last month, Young recently announced the May 27th release of a full limited-edition box set. The package will include a standard 12" vinyl LP, an audiophile vinyl version, seven 6" clear vinyl discs, a standard CD, a standard DVD, a digital download and a 32-page, 12" x 12" book.