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Bret Michaels Suffers Medical Emergency During Concert

Poison frontman Bret Michaels, who has type 1 diabetes, was rushed off stage during a concert in Manchester, NH, on Thursday night and was treated by paramedics on the scene, according guitarist Pete Evick. Michaels was performing with his solo band at the Palace Theater and shortly into the band's set the singer was forced to rush off stage. Evick posted the news to fans on Michael's Facebook page. He wrote, "This is a message I never imagined I'd have to post. Tonight in Manchester, NH, three songs into the set Bret had me sing a song as he rushed off stage. "In the nine years I've stood next to him, I've never seen a look like the one on his face as if I was a complete stranger. One of the crew returned instantly to notify me that Bret's blood sugar was extremely low. "He returned to the stage only to announce that he could not continue. As you all know he is a health fanatic and fiercely monitors his blood sugar, he basically had to be dragged off the stage in his sickest of conditions. When I rushed to the bus he could barely speak, but begged me to apologize to the fans and seemed only concerned for them. "As of now he is with paramedics being evaluated. We will keep you posted throughout the evening." At press time, several hours later, there were no further updates aside from this message: "Sending a huge shout out to all the paramedics both on and off duty who have assisted Bret tonight. No words can thank you enough for your help."

Guns N' Roses Reveal Appetite For Democracy 3D Details

Guns N' Roses have revealed the details and release date for their concert film "Appetite For Democracy 3D: Live at the Hard Rock Casino - Las Vegas" which will be released in both 2D and 3D versions. The film will released as a standard 2D DVD and Blu-Ray featuring the 3D and 2D versions. Both the DVD and Blu-Ray will feature 5.1 Surround Sound and include bonus interviews with the band. They are due to hit stores on July 1st, 2014. "Appetite For Democracy 3D" runs just under 3 hours and was filmed in November 2012 when the band launched their first Las Vegas Residency at the Joint in the Hard Rock Casino.

Study Finds That Richer Nations Have More Heavy Metal

(Classic Rock) A scientific study has confirmed a connection between the number of heavy metal bands in a nation and that nation's wealth - concluding that more metal equates to more money. Analyst Richard Florida has revisited previously-reported statistics and also researched social and financial information going back as much as 10 years. He says he's proved that the richer a country is, the more heavy music will be found there. Florida - who admits he's not a fan of the genre, although he likes Black Sabbath - writes on Citylab: "What we found is that that the number of heavy metal bands in a given country is associated with its wealth and affluence. "At the country level, the number of heavy metal bands per capita is positively associated with economic output per capita; with level of creativity and entrepreneurship; with share of adults that hold college degrees; as well as overall levels of human development, wellbeing, and satisfaction with life. "The bottom line? Though metal may be the music of choice for some alienated working-class males, it enjoys its greatest popularity in the most advanced, most tolerant, and knowledge-based places in the world."

Journey's Current Singer Wants Steve Perry To Return To The Band

(hennemusic) Following Steve Perry's return to the live stage after 18 years this week, Journey's current frontman Arnel Pineda says Perry should reunite with his old band. Perry joined alternative rock band EELS in St. Paul, Minnesota on Sunday to perform a pair of classic Journey tunes. The crowd at the Fitzgerald Theater saw Perry take the stage with EELS for their track, A fan tweeted Pineda a link to video of Perry's performance, to which he replied, "He should come back. His voice is still there. [I] missed that voice." The dialogue continued, with Pineda offering up more thoughts on the subject. "It will be cool if [Steve would] come to one of your shows and just come up and sing with you guys. That will definitely be epic," wrote the fan. "He can take over too," replied Pineda. "It's his righteous place anyway. [I] wanna see them happy together."

Led Zeppelin Streaming Unreleased Song

(hennemusic) Led Zeppelin are streaming audio of an unreleased instrumental, "La La", that will appear on the forthcoming expanded reissue of their 1969 sophomore album, "Led Zeppelin II." The tune is included on the companion audio disc in the package, which will also include alternate mixes of five songs on the album, two instrumental versions of songs and "La La." Due June 2 (June 3 in North America), the band are also releasing reissues of "Led Zeppelin I" and "Led Zeppelin III" the same day. Deluxe editions of the group's first three albums are the first projects announced as part of an extensive reissue program that will see all nine of the band's studio albums reissued in chronological order, each remastered by guitarist/producer Jimmy Page.

Paul Stanley Blasts 'Elitist' Rock Hall Once Again

(Classic Rock) Paul Stanley has launched another scathing attack on the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, branding the organization as "elitist". The Kiss guitarist and his bandmates were inducted into the Rock Hall last month, but refused to perform at the induction ceremony as organizers wanted only the original line-up to play. Stanley and Gene Simmons wanted the current line-up to perform also. Now Stanley has hit out again, saying the band were treated "dismissively" from start of the process. He tells the Christian Science Monitor: "It's a very elitist club, it dupes the public into believing that there is some credibility to it and that somehow the public has a voice in it, which they don't. It's a small group of elitist publishers and writers and record company people who reflect their own prejudices and preferences. "So it was exactly as I expected and from the very beginning of their announcing our induction, they were arrogant and treated us dismissively. I went because there are many fans who see it as validation and vindication of their championing us and I wouldn't miss it for the world because it was a celebration of them and for them."

Metallica Perform 'The Frayed Ends Of Sanity' Live For First Time

(hennemusic) Metallica performed their 1988 track, "The Frayed Ends Of Sanity", for first time ever Wednesday during the opening night of their "By Request" European tour. The "…And Justice For All" tune had been teased in concert before, but the band dug it out for a fan request during their appearance at the Sonisphere Festival in Helsinki, Finland. Metallica headlined the event, which saw performances by Slayer, Mastodon, Ghost and Gojira. The group now head to Stockholm, Sweden for a show on Friday, before dates in Norway, Denmark and Germany next week.

Bad Company's First Two Albums Getting 180-Gram Vinyl Reissues

(hennemusic) Bad Company will reissue their first two classic albums, "Bad Company" and "Straight Shooter", on 180-gram vinyl on July 1st. Both releases will contain all of the original packaging. The band's self-titled debut album, "Bad Company", released in 1974 reached No. 1 on the US Billboard Top 200 and has since been certified five times platinum for US sales of 5 million copies. The set contains some of the most well known rock songs of all time, including "Can't Get Enough", "Rock Steady", "Ready For Love", "Don't Let Me Down", "Bad Company", "The Way I Choose", "Movin' On" and "Seagull." The album produced two US top-20 singles: "Can't Get Enough" hit No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, while "Movin' On'" reached No. 19. The band's follow-up album, 1975's "Straight Shooter", reached No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200 and featured the hits "Feel Like Making Love" (No. 10) and "Good Lovin' Gone Bad" (No. 36) along with "Shooting Star", "Deal With The Preacher", "Weep No More", "Wild Fire Woman", "Anna" and "Call On Me".

Def Leppard's Joe Elliott Explains The Advantages of Independence

(Classic Rock) Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott believes every band should set themselves up as a cottage industry - and he insists it's not hard to do. His outfit have been running their own affairs for several years after their record contract expired. They've re-recorded some of their classic tracks so they can be released without having to pay their former label, and the band's next album, currently in production, will be released on their now fully-fledged Bludgeon Riffola label. Elliott tells My Global Mind: "As soon as we were out of with our deal with Universal we did everything in-house - everything. We do our own artwork, distribution deals, we write and record our own songs, we record our own live stuff, we organise it all. It's not difficult to do; all you need is a bit of knowledge." He argues there's no guarantee that a major label will hire the best people for the job to work for a band. "Doing it this way, we can pick and choose people that are really good," he says." And he believes it's cheaper too: "The label pay you a miserly little fee for delivering a record because, supposedly, they have the infrastructure and all that stuff. If you actually think about it you can do it yourself - you get people to work for you, you pay them to do it, and paying them to do a good job is a lot less than paying the record company."