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Rock Hall CEO Uses Race Card On KISS Frontman

Rock Hall President and CEO Joel Peresman used the race card when responding to criticism from Paul Stanley, saying that the KISS frontman has "been almost borderline racist" for the suggestion that non-rock artists do not belong in something called the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Peresman made they comments during an interview with They were discussing this year's induction and the interviewer pointed out that Gene Simmons' speech was surprisingly gracious and Peresman responded, "It was a lovely speech, it was actually kind of classy, as opposed to Paul [Stanley]'s. That speech was the best advertisement for [pointing out that] what we did was right. He's been almost borderline racist, not in that speech, but in other interviews talking about how hip-hop artists shouldn't be inducted because they don't play instruments. It's like, 'What are you, kidding?' "And he talks about the nominating committee, and how those guys don't buy records. Those guys buy records! They're f—ing fans! Those guys are writers and critics and musicians. Those are the people who buy records and got into the business because they love music." But it appears that Peresman fired at the wrong target. While Stanley has made a lot of headlines being critical of the Rock Hall, it was Gene Simmons who called into question the Rock Hall's practice of inducting non-rock artists. Simmons told "I have no beef with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You go on with your bad self and get more disco artists. Get the Boston Pops Orchestra to be inducted! "A long time ago it was diluted. It's really back room politics, like Boss Tweed. A few people decide what's in and what's not. And the masses just scratch their heads. You've got Grandmaster Flash in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Run-D.M.C. in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? You're killing me! That doesn't mean those aren't good artists. But they don't play guitar. They sample and they talk. Not even sing!" Simmons was asked a follow-up question about his friend Donna Summer "finally" being inducted and he responded, "What do you mean 'finally?' Donna was my next door neighbor for many years, I knew and liked her, she was on my [1978] solo record. But if you asked Donna, 'What kind of artist are you?' do you think she would say 'rock?' If you asked Madonna, 'What kind of artist are you?' do you think she would say, 'Oh, rock!' "So what they hell are they doing in the Hall of Fame? They can run their organization any way they'd like, but it ain't rock! It just isn't! If you don't play guitar and you don't write your own songs, you don't belong there."

Guns N' Roses Have A Lot Of Unreleased Music Recorded

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose reveals in a new interview with Revolver Magazine that the band has a lot of unreleased material recorded that he refers to the second half of 'Chinese Democracy' and they also have a remix album of the 'Chinese Democracy' tracks that is already done. Rose says that he will begin looking at their future album release plans once the band completes their current residency at The Joint at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas this month. "We recorded a lot of things before 'Chinese' was out," Axl said. "We've worked more on some of those things and we've written a few new things. But basically, we have what I call kind of the second half of 'Chinese'. That's already recorded. "And then we have a remix album made of the songs from 'Chinese'. That's been done for a while, too. But after Vegas, we're going to start looking very seriously at what we're doing in that regard."

Sebastian Bach Becomes Lady Gaga For New TV Series

(hennemusic) Sebastian Bach undertook a major transformation and performed as Lady Gaga on the debut of the new ABC-TV reality series, "Sing Your Face Off", which premiered on Saturday. Bach performed Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" in the second show - the two ran back-to-back on ABC. The series features five celebrity contestants taking on the identity of an iconic music performer each week. Hosted by actor John Barrowman ("Torchwood", "Arrow"), "Sing Your Face Off" sees Bach compete alongside basketball star Landry Fields, comedian Jon Lovitz, singer China Anne McClain ("A.N.T. Farm") and actress Lisa Rinna ("Days of Our Lives"). Watch video here.

Steve Perry Joins EELS Again To Jam Journey Classics

(hennemusic) Former Journey singer Steve Perry joined alternative rock band EELS in Washington, DC on Saturday to perform a pair of classic tunes from his old band, marking the second time he's done so in the past week. Perry has released video of his entrance to the stage, and fan-filmed footage of the 4-song performance has surfaced. Last week, Perry teamed up with EELS in St. Paul, Minnesota for his first live performance in almost 20 years. Following Perry's return to the live stage, current Journey frontman Arnel Pineda said the singer should reunite with his old band. Read more about that and watch the videos here.

Bruce Springsteen Jams With The Rolling Stones

(hennemusic) Bruce Springsteen joined The Rolling Stones to perform the band's 1972 classic, "Tumbling Dice", at Rock In Rio in Lisbon, Portugal on Thursday night and video of the jam has been posted online. Springsteen recently wrapped up his "High Hopes" world tour and was reportedly vacationing in the country when he teamed up with the band at the festival. Bruce previously played the song with the Stones during their December 2012 pay-per-view concert in Newark, New Jersey. The Rolling Stones resumed their 14 On Fire world tour this week, marking their first live shows since the postponement of spring dates in Australia and New Zealand following the passing of Mick Jagger's longtime girlfriend, L'Wren Scott.

Motley Crue's Vince Neil Takes Jab At Axl Rose 'Greatest Singer' Study

(Classic Rock) Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil last week posted then removed a Facebook sneer at Axl Rose, after his Guns N' Roses counterpart was described as the "world's best singer." Rose recently admitted he was flattered after an analysis of vocal abilities concluded he had the widest range among leading recording artists - although he refused the tag of "the greatest." But Neil, who seemingly had only heard the first part of the story, last night commented: "News just said Axl Rose is the greatest singer of all time? #LOL." The post was removed soon afterwards. It's not the first time the Crue man has slated the GnR leader. After the release of long-awaited album Chinese Democracy in 2008, Neil told the Sun: "To fail was pretty crazy after so many years of it being recorded. I heard one track then it just disappeared off the radio. Then the tour got cancelled - a buddy of mine went to play guitar for him. They rehearsed for three months and Axl never once turned up."

Richie Sambora Performs Drug Struggle Song For High School Students

(Classic Rock) Estranged Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora says his own struggles with drugs led him to write a song about addiction. The song, Lighthouse, was originally called Needles On The Shore, but Sambora decided he wanted it to be more optimistic. He played the song for the first time in front of high school children in New Jersey as part of the Ocean County Drug Overdose Forum - an event to raise awareness of painkiller and heroin abuse among youngsters. Sambora, who is now drug-free, says: "I got firsthand experience. I never did heroin, but obviously I did other stuff. We can't be scared silent. Together we can make a difference because this epidemic has to stop. "I wanted to do something optimistic, a beacon of light and hope. Everyone needs that light when they're far off the shore."