Classic Rock News

The Kinks Close To A Reunion

It looks like brothers Ray and Dave Davies have put their bad blood behind them and The Kinks may actually be reuniting with Ray confirming in an interview that discussions are underway. Ray Davies reportedly told the Sunday Times "I met Dave only last week to talk about getting back together again," he said. "We've also spoken a few times on the phone and emailed." Davies went on to say that if the band reunites it will be to create new material, not for a greatest hits tour. "He's been composing his own songs, but I'd really like to write with him again. We both agree we don't want to do old stuff or tour with past hits. It's got to be something new."

KISS To Play Las Vegas Residency?

(hennemusic) KISS will follow in the footsteps of Guns N' Roses and Motley Crue and host their first Las Vegas residency this fall if photos that have been posted online that show advertisements in a casino are legitimate. Posters teasing the forthcoming shows ("coming Fall 2014") are reportedly being seen around Sin City, including one with the images of the four band members billed as "Rock And Roll All Nite." It would be the band's first extended stint at the Joint at The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Last fall, KISS frontman Paul Stanley revealed the band were considering a Las Vegas residency as they mark their 40th anniversary this year. The band's official website and social media sites have yet to confirm the residency plans.

Led Zeppelin Land Back In The Top 10

(Classic Rock) Led Zeppelin's remaster series took the band back into the top 10 UK album chart last night and Billboard reports the Led Zep remasters have all sold in sufficient quantities to secure top 20 entries in the US charts, with top 10 placings a possibility. Jimmy Page curated the new editions of the band's first three records, which come complete with companion discs containing previously unreleased material. Their self-titled debut album, originally launched in 1969, reached number 7 in the UK chart, while 1970's Led Zeppelin III made number 10. Led Zeppelin II, also from 1969, entered at number 12. The releases took the top three places in the UK rock and metal chart, and also the record store album chart. Page - who's locked in a temporary fall-out with bandmate Robert Plant over reunion plans - recently told TeamRock the remaster programme was an "epic task." But he added: "There's so many treats. People who love Led Zeppelin, who listen intently, are going to get so much out of this."

Ian Gillan Reveals Deep Purple Working On New Album

(Classic Rock) Ian Gillan has revealed that Deep Purple are holed up in their Portugal studio writing material for what will be their 20th studio album. And he says they're having a great time despite the "no frills" lifestyle. "The whole band is here. We have a studio in the Algarve where we're working on new songs," Gillan tells Zeitung. "In the evening we take a sip of good red wine and enjoy the tranquility. I'm woken up at dawn by a rooster in the neighbourhood and I get up when it gets light. When it gets dark in the evening, I go to bed. It's a no frills life; but it's a good life down here." Purple last month launched a deluxe edition of classic live set Made In Japan - but Gillan admits he has no interest in listening to it. "I don't like live albums especially," he says. "But I know the importance and significance of Made In Japan. The tour, 42 years ago, blew me away. It was my first time in a country where I felt fundamental differences in mentality to Europe. It was a culture shock to me. But it's influenced me in a positive sense."

Ozzy Says New Black Sabbath Album Is A Possibility

(hennemusic) During a pre-show press conference at the Sweden Rock Festival on June 6, Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne said a new album by the rock icons is a possibility. "We haven't really discussed it," explained Ozzy. "It is possible there's gonna be another album. But we haven't really sat down and decided what we're gonna do yet. We just wanna finish this tour and then we'll see." Black Sabbath are currently playing shows across Europe on their "13" world tour, which will wrap up with a July 4 show in London's Hyde Park. Watch video of the press conference here.

Metallica's Lars Ulrich Shrugs Off 'Ridiculous' Criticism

( There's a fair share of folks unhappy about Metallica's headlining set at Glastonbury - from petition wielders to Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner - but for their part, the band just doesn't care. In an interview with Metalhammer, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spoke a bit to the outcry, calling it "ridiculous" and referring to his band as "fairly thick-skinned." "Glastonbury, it's like the Holy Grail in England, and we're respectful to that," Ulrich said. "But if somebody sits there and talks about petitions or what some other guy says, there's a point that it just becomes ridiculous." The band has made waves in headlines recently not so much for what they're doing but for what others are saying about them. Turner called the decision to let the metal act headline "out there," while lesser-known act Mogwai had some words as well, one member calling out Ulrich's drumming abilities: I can't wait to hear that guy play the drums again - unbelievably bad." "We're fairly thick-skinned and you just kinda turn a blind eye to it," Ulrich said. "Obviously, if Mick Jagger has something to say, or Alex Turner, or the very nice guys in Kasabian… it's cool. But at some point, when… some other band… it's like, huh? Who are you?"

Jimi Hendrix Sculpture To Be Unveiled This Month

(hennemusic) An official sculpture of guitar icon Jimi Hendrix by artist Karl Schaefer is set to be unveiled at an art reception on the rooftop of Hotel 1110 in Monterey, California on June 18. Scheafer had been authorized by the Jimi Hendrix Foundation to create a custom sculpture that the Foundation will use to raise funds to improve the quality of life for all children and inspire creativity in the arts and sciences. The sculpture being created and donated by Schaefer to the Jimi Hendrix Foundation, is a bas relief of Jimi Hendrix's face and hair at 1.25 scale that has been fashioned to hang and will be cast in bronze.

Age Has Mellowed Aerosmith's Disagreements Says Hamilton

(TeamRock Radio) Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton says the band find it easier to brush off arguments as they get older. In 2009, guitarist Joe Perry said the band were considering continuing with a new singer after a spat with frontman Steve Tyler. Tyler said he wanted to go solo after he fell from the stage during a gig that year, leading to the cancellation of the rest of the tour. But they have since put all that behind them and Hamilton believes age - and the realization that they are reaching the end of their career - has mellowed the members of Aerosmith. He tells Digital Journal: "I think we all know that we're nearer the end than the beginning of this whole thing and nobody wants to miss anything - I certainly don't. I don't want to miss all the amazing stuff there is out in the world for us right now just because of an argument or because somebody is too burned out and they lash out or something. Everything is forgivable when you consider what's out there for us if we can keep it together. "The realization of what we have and how worthy it is of our protection is something that's come with experience. These things would have broken the band apart for long periods of time in the past, but people come back together and forgive and get into that mode where they're ready to move on a little bit faster than they used to."

Video From Rolling Stones' Pinkpop Set Goes Online

(hennemusic) The Rolling Stones headlined the opening night of the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands on Saturday and video from the performance has been posted online. The band played before a sold-out crowd of 60,000, topping a bill that included John Mayer, Flogging Molly and Ed Kowalczyk while marking their first-ever appearance at the 3-day event. The Stones performed a 19-song set that featured fan song vote winner "Rocks Off", from "Exile On Main St." The festival also included headline sets by Arctic Monkeys on Sunday and will feature Metallica closing out the event on the main stage on Monday.