Classic Rock News

Eric Clapton Ready For Retirement

(Classic Rock) Eric Clapton is considering retirement after making one more album, he's revealed. Slowhand has been speaking about ending his career for some time now, and recently announced to fans in Japan they'd seen him for the last time. Now he tells Rolling Stone: "I think this could be it. I don't want to work that hard any more. I was planning to write and record another record, so that's the next thing I would do. "Next year I might do a couple of shows and say, 'Folks, that's it - I'm off.' Then I'll see what I make of that, whether I'm content to just go into the studio now and then and play at home for the family."

All Ramones Go to Heaven in Funny or Die Video

( Too soon? No way, not when you are talking about The Ramones. It is hard to imagine the punk legends wanting any kind of sacred respect surrounding their passing, which just came to completion with the death of Tommy Ramone, the last surviving member. Leave it to Funny or Die to push on to find the chuckles in loss. Traci Lords and Kids in the Hall's Dave Foley play disciplinarians in heaven, letting the Ramones know that their earth antics need reform, asking the four punks to mend some of their rowdy ways in heaven. It is a lighthearted bit, but not one without heart, finishing with a moment of reflection that points toward a personal connection that the video's creators had with the band. Still, the idea of all Ramones going to heaven is something easy to get behind.

ZZ Top and Jeff Beck Expand North American Tour

(hennemusic) ZZ Top and Jeff Beck have expanded their summer tour of North America. The pair have added 7 new dates to the run, including stops in Tucson, Albuquerque, Salamanca, Atlantic City, West Palm Beach, Tampa and Thackerville, OK. The shows, which begin August 8 in Missoula, Montana, will see Beck perform a full set followed by one from the Texas trio, and close with a jam from both acts. Last month, Beck cancelled his European summer tour dates after seeking immediate medical attention and undergoing an unidentified hospital procedure requiring six weeks of rest.

Rush Members May Have Art Park Named After Them

(hennemusic) The north Toronto neighborhood of Willowdale is considering naming a new Art Park after Rush members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Inside Toronto reports the proposal for the name Lee Lifeson Art Park is scheduled to come before North York community council on August 12. "Two years ago, I came up with the idea to create a park that would focus on the arts and would be a celebration of creativity, where people could go to be creative or go to enjoy others' creativity," explained Willowdale Councillor John Filion. "All the arts will be represented there but the focus will be on music and sound. This is really a new concept, there isn't a prototype anywhere. It's nothing we're copying from anywhere else."

Black Sabbath Classic Featured In Birmingham Album

(hennemusic) Black Sabbath's 1970 classic, "War Pigs", is featured on a new album promoting tourism in their hometown of Birmingham, England. Visit Birmingham has created a collection entitled "B Side: The Album", featuring music by artists from the West Midlands. A panel for the tourism board reviewed over 150 songs by 85 artists covering six decades to create the top 21 songs that they feel represents the diverse and rich range of music from the region. "War Pigs" was the opening track on Black Sabbath's second album, "Paranoid." The project peaked at No. 12 on the US Billboard 200 on its way to selling more than 4 million copies in the States alone.

Alice Cooper Helped Kill The Hippie Movement

(Classic Rock) Alice Cooper says his band put an end to the hippy movement and gave rock music the kick up the arse it desperately needed. The shock rocker recalls the reaction to the band in the 1970s and says that, for the first time in years, music was fun again. He also discusses the 70s attitude to drugs and compares it to today's more educated views on substance abuse. He tells In The Studio: "We were such a shock to the system. I always say that we were the band that drove the stake through the hear of the love generation. Everybody was so tired of peace and love and that whole San Francisco thing that all of a sudden here was this breath of fresh air. "Everything that the hippies didn't believe in. Alice Cooper was celebrating sexuality and androgyny and horror and all of this put together. It was fun. For the first time in a long time music was not political, it was fun. But the music has to stand up years from now, even after they forgot what we did on stage.

Whitesnake Build Their Own Studio

(hennemusic) Whitesnake leader David Coverdale is sharing video of his new studio, Hook City, in Reno, Nevada. The singer refers to the project as "a labor of love and a work of art." Whitesnake were in the news last month when Coverdale updated fans on the status of the band's search for a new guitarist, following the departure of longtime axeman Doug Aldrich in May. "I see there's all kinds of interesting posts and some 'demands' about whom I should work with," posted Coverdale on the group's website. "As always, I sincerely thank you all for your generosity, but, with all due respect, I'll be making the decision who the band and I are going to work with." "It's a very simple process," he continued. "I guarantee it will be a very gifted guitarist who plays great and sings great, works well in a team, someone who appreciates Whitesnake music and a player whom we feel will help us take Whitesnake to the next level in as many ways as possible... without unnecessary distractions. I hope you can appreciate this fact." "We've had an amazing array of exceptionally gifted musicians who have applied for the gig," added the singer. "Once again, we are in such awe that so many talented people want to play Whitesnake music with us. We're very close to making our decision and we'll let you all know when the time is right and hopefully, whomever it is, you will give them the same chance, the same support as you've given our new musicians before."

Ozzy Osbourne's Day To Day Life Covered In New Book

(hennemusic) A new Ozzy Osbourne book has just hit store shelves. "Steal Away The Night: An Ozzy Osbourne Day-By-Day" delivers a run through Ozzy's career on a daily basis, covering the singer's years in Black Sabbath and beyond. Featured are milestone after milestone - the hirings, the firings, the rehabs and relapses, the bats, the doves, Zakk Wylde, and most seriously, the tragic death of Randy Rhoads in a fly-by prank gone wrong. He also detours from the stage and recording studio long enough to look into the incredible success that was the reality TV series "The Osbournes". "Steal Away The Night" also presents a revealing oral history of the band, much of which was culled from Popoff's extensive interview material with Ozzy and various band members and producers.