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AC/DC Author Says Malcolm Is Not Returning

(Classic Rock) The author of a book about AC/DC's Young brothers says mainman Malcolm won't return to the band due to his health problems. Jesse Fink insists fans who have been hoping the 61-year-old's absence was temporary will have to get used to the fact that it's permanent, and that his nephew Stevie, who appears on their upcoming album, is the man they'll see on the road in his place. The Aussie giants have remained tight-lipped about Young's condition in order to protect his privacy. The only official statement announced he'd be "taking a break" while his colleagues worked on the follow-up to 2008's Black Ice. No one has commented on speculation that he's suffered a stroke, has cancer or is fighting Alzheimer's disease. Fink also refuses to discuss specifics - but he tells WZLX: "I'm not expecting to see Malcolm return. The important thing is we all let Mal be and hope he can recover. We should all expect that Stevie is in the band now." He tells Ultimate Classic Rock: "Fans seem to think his illness is going to go away, and he's going to be on stage when they announce their tour. If what I've heard from numerous sources is true, I expect Stevie will be touring with the band, and not Malcolm. That's not a seditious viewpoint - it's realistic."

Tom Petty Scores First No. 1 Album

( It took nearly 37 years but Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers have finally scored their first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200. Hypnotic Eye sold 131,000 copies in the week ending Aug. 3, and it also happens to be Petty's strongest debut sales week in over 20 years. Petty and the Heartbreakers first charted on the Billboard 200 when they released their self-titled album, featuring their seminal hits "American Girl" and "Breakdown," way back in 1977. Incredibly, 37 years isn't the longest time an artist has had to wait to make the No. 1 album. Tony Bennett holds that bragging right after he waited 54 years. He finally earned the top slot with his 2011 album Duets II decades after he first appeared on the Billboard 200 in 1957 for Tony.

The Who Crowdsourcing Rarities For 50th Anniversary Release

( The Who are gearing up for their 50th anniversary as a band, and to celebrate they're calling on a potentially unlikely source - their fans - to assist in their search for rare, perhaps previously unreleased artifacts from the band's career. Rolling Stone reports that the band is asking for video and audio footage, bootlegs of live shows, photos and more to be submitted as part of the anniversary celebration. The band will then pick from the pool of artifacts and select the best to include in forthcoming anniversary-related releases - with credit, of course. The fans who submit such treasures will be given two VIP tickets for the band's upcoming tour as well.

8 Previously-Unreleased Grateful Dead Shows Set For Release

(Classic Rock) Eight previously-unreleased Grateful Dead shows from 1990 are to be released in a 23-disc box set next month. Spring 1990 (The Other One) is a companion to their sold-out Spring 1990 box set and contains their highly-regarded appearance at the Nassau Coliseum with Branford Marsalis. The tour saw Jerry Garcia, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh, Brent Mydland and Bob Weir delivering standard tracks, Bob Dylan and Beatels covers and rare renditions of older material, along with pieces from the previous year's album Built To Last - their final studio outing. Archivist David Lemieux says: "When we produced the first box in 2012 there were a lot of tough choices to make - however, we knew we'd do this second box some day. Now we're able to complete the picture with music that's every bit as good.

Deep Purple's Ian Gillan Talks Falling Out With Ritchie Blackmore

(Classic Rock) Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan says he fell out with former bandmate Ritchie Blackmore in 1994 because both of them were being a**holes - but the guitarist kept up the behaviour for longer. He accepts there's unfinished business between the pair, but even if they settle their differenced he wouldn't want Blackmore to return to the band. He insists that would be the case if the band were ever inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. And he's slammed the organization's bosses for labeling Purple a one hit wonder, demanding to know which of several hit singles they're talking about. Gillan tells Rolling Stone: "I'm saying what I'm about to say not to wind Ritchie up, if he's reading this. He knows we've got to talk about these things. So I say this with no rancour. "I was just as much of an a**hole as Ritchie was - but Ritchie carried it on for a little longer. Had he stayed with the band, it would have been all over. It would have just ended. The day he walked out was the day we had to rebuild. We had Joe Satriani for a year, and he got us over the crisis, and then we got Steve Morse and started to rebuild. Within a couple of years, we started playing arenas again, and it's been fantastic ever since."