Big Daddy signed on April 1, 2004 on KOOL 99.5. I settled in for a five year run and had a Weekend Magazine Radio Personality of the Year Award. In January of 2009, Big Daddy moved to Houston, TX and worked with Cumulus Media Partners until I returned to Sioux City in June of 2011…just in time for the biggest flood in 500-years. Good timing Big Daddy.

I love KOOL 99.5. The music is to my liking, the listeners are second to none, and Sioux City is a great place to live. Here is some personal info on me…

Favorite Movie: Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds. Always a Christmas Classic at the Big Daddy house.
Favorite Music Artists: Rush, Clapton, James McMurtry, Tab Benoit, Aerosmith, AC/DC…and Diana Krall when I’m feeling frisky.
Educational Background: B.A. in Advertising / Public Relations from the University of North Dakota. I’m also a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (CRMC) from the Radio Advertising Bureau. And look at what all that education got me. I’m such an over-achiever.
Family: My wife Jan keeps me in line. She’s about the only one who can. I have three children…Chelsea at Florida State, Haley at the University of Central Florida, and Donnie is a senior in high school in Fort Myers, FL.
Favorite Quote: “If you don’t think every day is a great day…try missing one of ‘em.”

RECON for JOHN: "Half Of My Heart" - John Mayer